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Entry #1


2008-02-19 20:21:09 by al3xx

I'm trying to get better at StopMotion so please incurage me in continuing


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2008-02-21 06:25:42

Well as a clay animator myself I am encouraging you to keep going at your claymations and soon enough you will be good enough to get a daily or weekly award. Like you, I was a very crappy clay animator for about a month but I keep practicing and making more untill I was getting scores over 3.40 because people loved my movies.

I suggest you make a series of clay movies like knox, lino, tech-flash and blaktornado did. I and rc-films are making a series at the moment called "claytoons" we have made 2 episodes and people seem to like them.

If you keep at it you will be a really good animator and it only took me a year to win myself a daily award. So if you want check out my stuff because it might help you on making more submissions and If you really want tips check out my clay tutorial.

I hope you become a great fellow NG artist like myself and others


al3xx responds:

I looked all your vids
They are pretty cool :P
But my faourite series is knox....
Each video I watch, i laugh for like 10 mins :D
If you realized...
My clay models kinda look like knox...abstract